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The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences was established under the Executive Decree No 90-09 of the 21st  Safar 1430 corresponding to the 17th February 2009 amending and completing the Executive Decree No 219-98 of the 13th Rabiaa the 1st 1419 corresponding to the 7th July 1998 and concerning the establishment of the University of Biskra. The site of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences is located at the University Pole of Chetma Town and comprises three Departments: the Department of Social Sciences, the Department of Human Sciences, and the Department Physical Education and Sports.

The Pedagogical Structures :
The Internet Space : A space for undergraduate students and Master students
and another space for postgraduate students and lecturers .
The Library : 600 students is the capacity of the Central Library of the Faculty
which comprises the following services : the Belongings Service, the Loan Bank
Service, and the Academic Theses and Dissertations Service . In addition to this,
there is a three- storey building dedicated to reading, with each storey
comprising an internal loan bank the capacity of which is 160 students .
The Amphitheatres : There are 04 amphitheatres with a capacity of 200 seats
and two (02) amphitheatres with a capacity of 300 seats .
The Group Study Rooms : There are 64 rooms for directed works and 07 lecture
rooms .
The Computer Rooms : There are 03 computer rooms ( for practical works ).
The Lecturers’ Rooms and Offices : There are 72 offices for lecturers designed
to meet students, an office for deliberations, a lecturers’ room, 04 meeting
rooms, a dissertation discussion room, and a room for receiving commissions

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